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Solved Digital is a Lead Generation & Digital Marketing business with extensive knowledge and expertise in generating fresh enquiries and leads that pack a punch!

Our industry experts, best in class software and bespoke campaigns help us provide first class service. Working across many digital verticals, from Paid Search & Native, to Social and Email, allows us to provide both scalability and optimised performance.

Solved is formed by a group with a passion for digital marketing, who have been involved in engaging consumers and generating leads for well over a decade, we fully understand the value and impact of demand & lead generation.
We founded this business with one aim, to be the business that you can rely on Our combined experience enables us to deliver your campaigns with the efficiency of an internal team and the power of a large agency.

We are honest. We will only work with you if we feel we can add value. Your leads are your leads and your leads only. We never resell a lead.


We Specialise In Digital Marketing - If You Don't Have The Time To Manage Your Digital Marketing , Or Are Not Sure Where To Start! We Can Solve Your Digital Needs

B2C Leads

We Connect Buyers With Consumers Who Are Expressly Interested Or Actively Looking For Your Products & Services!


Sometimes Leads are Perfect, But You want to DIY... We Can Help - With A Fully Branded, Bespoke Lead Generation Build.


Life Can Be A Bore... Everyone likes having fun, right? So, let’s do something and get to know each other!

Digital marketing is not an art of selling a product. It is an art of making people buy the product that you sell.

This is why we follow our ethos to ensure we do things right. Right Message, Right Time, Right Results


Having a clear strategy is critical to your success. Understanding how and where digital marketing fits into your wider marketing plans is pivotal. We will get to know your needs so we can tailor our solutions to bring you maximum success


The success of any campaign can be rooted to the effectiveness of the customer journey. Therefore, we start by optimising this to ensure we not only maximise every opportunity, but that each consumer is making an informed decision when they make an enquiry.


With many ways to engage a consumer, it is key to understand the impact and execute the relevant strategy to maximise the ROI Ensuring the right marketing message is presented to the right person at right time, all the time!


After a period of running we will gain significant data and analytics that link to ad sets and creatives to ensure that from your feedback we can focus our efforts on the best performance.

Ad Impressions (M) Sales Made Leads Generated Inbound Calls Generated No of Clicks (K) TODAY


The quality of your lead generation is dependent on numerous factors, we operate on the "GIGO" (Garbage In | Garbage Out) model, if you want quality, you have to ensure what you put in at the top of the funnel is of the best quality possible - consider the following steps.

  1. Advertising - You need to keep your adverts up to date, content can go stale so change your messages regularly. Be honest with your potential customers, just because all you see is clickbait, doesn't mean it works!
  2. Placement - Where are you placing your adverts and what type of adverts are you using? - Try to stay away from brand building and speculative placements. Utilise all mediums & don't compartmentalise - A unified marketing message works wonders!
  3. Audience - Who are you putting your adverts in front of? Why are you choosing that demographic? - A significant proportion of businesses look to target similar audiences to their current customers - but if those customers have come from a targeted campaign, you could be unnecessarily limiting your campaign! Think about who might want your products/services & see if they match!
  4. Bidding - You pay for what you get, mobile devices will give you the volume and cost the least, but desktops can give higher value conversions at a significant cost increase... depending on how you bid and the medium/placement you use.
  5. User Journey - What happens when a potential customer engages with your advert? Where do they go? Is the content relevant? Is it the quickest way for them to express an interest?

There are many variables to consider, if you have a suitable way of measuring success and where it has come from, you can optimise your digital marketing continually. Why not talk to one of our specialists to see if we can help simplify your new customer acquisition / lead generation programme.

To Generate more leads, you have to consider if volume will come at the cost of quality, as long as you have suitable analytics in place, you should consider the following:

  1. Have you Exhausted Every Medium?
    1. Social Media
    2. Native Platfrms
    3. Search Engines
    4. Display Networks
  2. Is your advert performing as well as it could be?
  3. Is your user journey optimised to give you as many opportunities as possible?
  4. Haveyou considered working with external partners?

Our team can assist you in generating increasing volume, whilst ensuring you dont risk losing the quality of conversion you require.

Get in touch today oto find out how we can help expand your lead network.

Working with an agency like Solved, allows you to maximise your time, whilst gaining the bulk buying power of an agency that has bee responsible for over 100 million impressions this month.

We pride ourselves in enabling our clients to be involved as much or little as they require in the process & can work with both our own or your advertising accounts and platforms.