Solved Digital - Just Who Do They Think They Are!

We are a collective of individuals who have been working in the direct & digital marketing arena for as long as we can remember. Working with clients across many verticals, solving many problems and generating leads, enquiries and ultimately sales.

We have seen it, lived it, breathed it

This exposure over the years has given us a pretty good idea of what companies do and do not want. We have been through the pain points you are or have experienced. We have been let down. Things have exceeded expectations and left us with our head in our hands. We get it. Marketing is a tough game.

Because of our experience we are well equipped to assist you with putting a smile on your face. Will everything always be perfect. Probably not. Those who promise this are lying. Sometimes shit happens. But we ensure we have a great relationship with you to overcome any issues quickly and efficiently.

Your success is our success

Without clients we are nothing. We are old school.
Massive believers that relationships are key. We even actually meet people.
How weird is that in this day and age?

First party data is the future of marketing and because of this Solved Digital was born.

Digital Marketing Agency

We have spent a long time laying the foundations for the business to ensure we can hit the ground running and have everything covered off. Whether that is tech, supplier relationships and expertise.